Maggots make their debut on the small screen!

You might have noticed that our good friends medicinal maggots had a mention on the TV programme Casualty on Saturday night (23 Feb).  This is not by accident!  In August 2018 Yamni and Tom (paramedic consultant at Swansea University) were invited by the Casualty writing and research team to talk to them about maggots and medicine.  The team were intrigued and fascinated and decided to incorporate a maggot based story line in the current series.   Yamni, Tom and the Casualty team have been working together on this for a few months and the maggot episodes will be coming out over the next few months.  So keep tuned to Causality (on every Saturday night) – you might even see Matty!

Yamni presenting to the Casualty team in August 2018