All about Maggot Therapy!

Maggots have been around for over 250 million years, whilst humans have only been around for 250 thousand. During this time, maggots have evolved to perfect their survival and can thrive in festering environments.

The earliest record of maggots in medical use dates back to biblical times and possibly earlier.

MDT timeline PDF

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Rearing Maggots @ Swansea University! 

These were our initial cages.

All lined up for the first house guests!

Here you see the flies feeding (foreground).  In the background you can see flies drinking from their water source (left hand side) and the tub on the right hand side contains hatching pupae.


These were eggs from our first generation of flies

Our first maggots hatch!

Click here to see to see a short video of our L3 larvae!

The maggots are now starting to pupate – soon the second generation of Swansea flies will hatch!